2021 Australian Board Remuneration Survey Report

Questionnaire Instructions

This questionnaire is designed so that it can be completed by Contributors who sit on either one Board or multiple Boards or who work closely with Boards in Executive, Governance and Human Resources roles. For Boards that do not pay Director fees, please leave any remuneration/fee level questions blank but complete the other questions where possible.

For Multiple Boards: The questionnaire will allow Contributors to complete data for as many Boards as they wish. On completion of the questionnaire for their first Board, Contributors will be able to choose to either refresh the questionnaire to enter data for another Board, or to go to the end of the questionnaire for submission of data.

Important: To enhance the security of data supplied, the questionnaire will need to be completed in one sitting before it can be submitted.

Therefore, in preparation for completing the questionnaire, we strongly recommend that Contributors download a PDF copy of the questions by choosing the relevant link below.

We estimate that with all data to hand it will take Contributors 10 minutes or less to complete the questionnaire.

Please use the Tab key to move through the questionnaire as per normal Data Entry convention.


When ready to complete the questionnaire,